How can I help?

Collaborative compassionate conversations

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One-to-one Psychological Therapy

I have trained in a number of models and so am able to tailor the way we work together to best meet your needs at this point in your life. I recommend booking an assessment appointment first in which we can meet each other and we can make a plan.

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Training and Supervision

I have offered training and workshops in a range of settings including large media companies, banks and management consultancies as well as organisations such as The Bump Class and City Parents. Training topics range from self care and stress management to preparing for life changes (e.g., parenthood, retirement).


Couples Therapy

I work with couples at all stages of their relationship. Through the work I do at The Bump Class I have a package that I offer to expectant parents who would like to build their resilience as a couple going into this stage of their lives and relationship.